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Legal Intake Services

Maximize your marketing dollars.


Grow your marketing campaigns.

Cast a Wide Net

Good clients are discovered through inquiries from your successful digital, social, TV, radio, print or email marketing campaigns. As part of our skilled intake process, our team manages inbound phone, chat and web posts as well as social media traffic. We help prospective clients engage your firm easily and with a high degree of accuracy.


Marketing and advertising costs are one of the largest expenses a growing firm incurs, so it’s critical that each inquiry is handled quickly and treated with white-glove service. We understand that ads must run when they are most effective at reaching your prospective client base, which may be nights, weekends or holidays. Our agents are available around the clock.

Maximize your marketing dollars.

Pre-Qualify Leads

Inquiries from your marketing and advertising are milestones on the path to a growing firm but require well-trained agents to mature them into qualified leads. In many cases, high conversion is driven by fast response time, skilled agents and readily available information.

Do The Math

Imagine the financial impact of doubling your conversion rate of inquiries to qualified leads. Lead costs likely exceed many other growth costs, so why not maximize your efficiency in processing them? Additionally, through the flexibility of phone, chat, SMS, email and web-post response, your marketing and advertising options become greater, allowing you to tap into lower cost methods.

Ready to take your practice higher?


Ready to take your practice higher?


Convert more leads into clients.

Signed Retainers

Retainers Processing leads efficiently does not mean you are doing so effectively. Our experienced agents have processed intake for countless clients across numerous law firms, making us well qualified to deliver superb results for you. We achieve these results through training, supervisory call escalation and easy-to-use technology.

Technology Drives Results

We facilitate both digital and hand-signed retainer agreement processes. Many clients prefer digitally signing their retainer agreement because it’s fast and simple. Our software platform manages multiple contingency fee agreements by matter type, giving your firm flexibility rather than a one-size-fits-all agreement.

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