Corporate Governance in India

“Investor esteem finish lost when things are wrongfully, when standards of corporate administration are not stuck to, when strong move isn’t made”- Cyrus Pallonji Mistry Introduction Corporate Governance is a component in light of specific frameworks and standards by which an organization is represented. The administration guarantees that an organization is coordinated and controlled as […]

Data Protection Law and E-Pandemic

These days new terms have sprung up like E-Commerce, E-Governance, Q-Commerce and assuming that future new terms would spring up like E-Family, G-Relation, E-Space, E-Tour, and so on.. Incredible everything is coming virtual. Government, Educational Institutes, Large and Small Business Houses, Banks, Legal Offices are becoming virtual and because of Corona Pandemic has constrained everybody […]

Corporate Governance and Business ethics

Corporate administration is the arrangement of cycles, customs, strategies, regulations, and foundations influencing the way a partnership (or organization) is coordinated, managed or controlled. Corporate administration likewise incorporates the connections among the numerous partners included and the objectives for which the enterprise is administered. Large numbers of the “definitions” of corporate administration are simply depictions […]

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